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Tank Top Time

Spring has SPRUNG, and it’s the perfect time of year to break out your Legends Comfy Tank! #sunsoutgunsout

Here is how we are styling it:

For Work: “Spring” it up with a touch of color. Add a hot pink blazer to your tank on causal Friday and pair with jeans and comfortable heels.



For An Outside Activity: Layer your tank with your favorite lightweight plaid and you are all set! For a more casual look, add a Texas Legends ball cap.

For A Business Casual Look: Pair a grey high-waisted skirt with your tank and add heels. Don’t forget your cropped blazer for chilly office settings!

Thank you to Natalie Paparella-Radzwilla for Ashley's fab makeup! Need to get done up for an upcoming wedding or party? Be sure to email Natalie at to set up an appointment today!

No matter the occasion, this Texas Legends tank is a slam dunk- Get it while it lasts!

-Your Texas Legends Merch Team

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